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    The press security should confirm to the security and technical terms standard of forging machinery

    Busbar punch...

    Main control box is consisted of power main supply switch、power control switch、programmable logical

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    The customized automatic assembly line is specially developed and manufactured for busbar assembling

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    Company News

    Busbar punching machine

    l  Notice item of press

       Please peruse the operation instruction in detail before operating press

       In order to protect operator, please select two-hand function as the top priority. We have allowed the interface for light curtain. When using foot pedal function, customers must adopt light curtain device. The customer needs to adjust the light curtain according to the tooling and its operation and make sure the workers movement under the protection area. If customers want to install light curtain by themselves, they should consult our engineering department or be guided by our professional staff on the job, otherwise we take no responsibility for all aftereffects about installing light curtain.

       The distance between both-hand buttons and working area should be not less than 580mm , otherwise it may cause accident.

       It is no permission putting hand into slide block work area when the press works. It is necessary to snatch at work piece with standard manual tool.

       The press security should confirm to the security and technical terms standard of forging machinery (GB17120-1997) ,the security and technical requirement standard of mechanical press (AQ 7001-2007).It doesn't happen accident on normal operation .However, when the electric elements is aged , damaged or machine parts has tired defect , it will happen continuous stroke on single stroke mode .So, operator’s body can't enter into the ram working area so as not to cause accident.

       Plants should establish security rule according to the universal security rule of punching works(GB/T8176-1997) & ths security regulations of cold punching (GB13887-92). Workers should obey the security rules.

       Plants should train the new hand for three months to six months

       Operator should check whether everything is ready or not .Then you can start the press.

       Before starting the press, idle the machine for one to three minutes. It’s no permission to operate the press on trouble condition.

       Operating the machine is a simple and dry work which is easy to bring whiny mood.So worker should work continuously less than eight hours.

       When setting die set or check the machine,it is necessary to hang a caution plate which is striking.

       Regular inspection of the press should be done by professional checker.It's no permission starting the press when repairing or cleaning the machine. It's no permission starting the press when guard is removed.

       Operator should pay attention to the working state of the press. Once you find any abdominal noise or vibrication, please stop and check it.

    Busbar punching machine

    l  Application of press

       The Open Back Press with Fixed Bed is an universal equipment which is suitable for shearing punching, blanking, bending and shallow drawing .It is widely applicable for such field as watch,toy,dishware,telecommunication,instrument,,motor, electric appliance,tractor,auto,daily hardware,radio,etc.

       In order to assure workpiece precision and machine longevity , the working load should be selected 70 percent of permissible value .Please affirm the following work before work.

       Load curve :The press is not fit for compressing and squeeze forming . The max. working force should be less than nominal force.

       Torque capacity is determined with the slideblock position. The sum of technological force should be within pressure curve area .

       In order to prevent the friction surface of clutch and brake against heat or getting failure, the max. permission strokes.


    l  Principle and structure feature of press

       The press adopts the crank and pitman mechanism , to make slideblock moves up and down in frame guideways and do punching work .

       The press adopts the vertical crankshaft structure and fixed bed type . The frame is welded with steel plate and has high rigidity . Driving system is installed into the frame , so the struture is compact and the contour is beautiful . Speedy gear is immersed in oil tank , the transmission is smooth and the noise is low . Using the combined pneumatic friction clutch and brake , the press is easy to install and maintain . The slideblock is a foundry box which is installed a overload protector . When the press is overloaded , It can protect the machine and die set against damaging . The die set height is adjusted by motor and is indicated by a digital indicator . The weight of slideblock is balanced by air balance cylinders , meanwhile slideblock runs along six-face rectangular guide ways to improve its moving precision .

       Electrical equipment is controlled by PLC to improve operating reliability .

       Main motor has right and left direction function. Both-hands buttons and optional photoelectrical device is to protect safety of operator .The press can realize continuous, single and inch mode .Besides, with the power shaft , the press can equip with automatic feeder, uncoiled and leveler device to form automatic production line .


    l  Construction and adjustment of main assemblies

       Frame of the press is a whole case structure welding with steel plate. There sets copper bushes on the frant and back neck of the crankshaft. Gears is set into the shut oil tank . There is a cover plate onto the press where we can fill up oil and make gear shaft immersed within oil. The oil height is determined by oil leveler on the left side of the press. There set an outlet on the bottom of oil tank to replace oil.

       Two bearing plates at the back of frame is used to fix motor .

    Guide tracks of frame is six-face rectangle which can be adjusted is fore and aft ,left and right direction .we can adjust the clearance of fore-and -aft direction properly by adjusting pads , then screw the front bolts firmly.

     There set an ejector in front of guide tracks .Adjust the knock-out bolts to have the ejector function just at the position when the slideblock reaches its top dead point . Pay attention to avoiding the touchment of ejector and the bottom of knock-out groove so as to prevent accidents .


    l  Drive system

       The drive system is driven by motor through V-belts amd pneumatic clutch , then through gear shaft ,big gear ,the crank and pitman mechanism to make slideblock run up and down.Meanwhile power of automatic feeding mechanism is transmitted at the left side of frame through a pair of bevel gears . There set a chain transmission on the tail part of crankshaft to make the cam controller be in synchronism with crankshaft. It will send control signal during operation .

       The motor is tightened on bearing plate through rubber cushion .You can adjust four adjustable bolts and tighten nuts so as not to cause accidents .

       The press adopts combined pneumatic friction clutch and brake . Piston impact brake piece onto brake retainer through spring action. And the brake is on a arresting condition . When compressed air enters into air cylinder through rotary connector

       piston presses spring, brake takes off and clutch is engaging when compressed air is set free through magnetic valve, clutch disengages and brake engages under springs action. The original clearance of friction piece is 2mm. The material is semi-metal abrasives.


    l  Standard

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