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    Main control box is consisted of power main supply switch、power control switch、programmable logical

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    The customized automatic assembly line is specially developed and manufactured for busbar assembling

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    Company News

    Busbar assembly line introdcution

    Busbar assembly line introdcution


    1.1Main Control Box

      Main control box is consisted of power main supply switch、power control switch、programmable logical controller、power indicator、state indicator、overload indicator、fault alarm warming buzzer、start stop button and rapid stop button.


    1.1.1 Power main supply switch is to control all the power supply of the whole assembly line;

    1.1.2 Power control indicator is to indicate power state. When the power is opened, the assembly line stays in standby mode.

    1.1.3 Programmable logical controller is the core of the whole system. All the operations are controled by it.

    1.1.4 When control power indicator light was lit, the entire system can be operated by pressing the "Start" button to enter the system running. Indicator light of green on top indicats normal operation of the system.

    1.1.5 Overload indicator light indicates motor running conditions. If a motor is overload, the whole system will stop running and overload indicator light will be lit.

    1.1.6 Rapid stop switch is used as an emergency shutdown button to stop the entire system running suddenly. When it terminates the whole system running, indicator light shows red.  After all the faults are eliminated, user can reset button from the left to turn off the red light. When red light is turned off, "start" button shall be pressed to restart the whole system

    1.1.7 “Stop” button is used to end the running in nomal condition.

    1.1.8 “State indicator” is to show the running state of the machine. Green indicator means that the system is in normal condition while red indicator means that there are something wrong with the machine. And then user shall check rapid stop button、frequency converter,etc.

    1.2 Induction Cart

    When there is material left on line 1, the photoelectric sensor 1 will induce it and automatically transport the material to the induction cart. The time material arrived in photoelectric sensor 2, the cart will stop transportting. If there are faults in the operation, please press rapid stop button to end the cart running. The reset switch can help the operator to restart the cart by rolling the switch from the left.

    1.3 Inspection

    When there are materials on the induction cart, pressing the transferring control button on Line 1 can make cart move to the inspection area( In order to prevent the addition of interference compression delaying time, please push it at long time.) Then the induction cart will stop running when photoelectric sensor 2 induces the material and the inspector can inspect the material. After inspection, packing button will help the operator to reach the packing area.

    II Fault Treatment

    2.1 If overload indicator light or state indicator turn into red when the system is started or operated, it indicates that there are some faults. In this case, the equipment can not be started. Please check out the reason of the fault.

    2.2 When the overload indicator light is on, please check whether there is blocking phenomenon. Once eliminating the fault, please turn on the “reset” button on the thermal relay inside main control box. The cart can restarted unless the overload indicator is off.

    2.3 When rapid stop button is pressed or the frequency transducer can not  work, state indicator light turns red with beep sound. At this time, please check whether six stop switches are pressed or not. Also the frequency transducer shall be checked. If the frequency transducer goes wrong, please press the rapid stop button. Or else, cut off the power and restart the cart after several minutes.

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